Miss a community meeting?

The IP planning schedule extends over almost two years, during which multiple meetings and presentations are anticipated. Materials from previous presentations and interim work products can be viewed below.


See the list of handouts below provided to participants at previous Integrated Plan meetings and workshops.

Blue Portland - Workshop One - Agenda 10/12/18

workshop photo.jpg


Find presentations below about the Integrated Plan that have been shown at previous meetings and workshops.

Portland IP Stakeholder Workshop 1 Presentation

Portland IP Stakeholder Workshop 2 Presentation


View a list below of other documents and info related to the Integrated Plan.

Integrated Plan Progress Update — Feb. 12

Public Meeting No. 1 Flyers: English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Somali

Press Release for Public Meeting 1

Meeting No_1 Summary 10/12/18

Meeting No_1 Notes 10/12/18